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On being so close.

I did 26 whole days and then stuffed it all up. So sad.

I have no good reason for a lack of blog post yesterday, I just forgot.

Thought I’d share some knitting pictures today.

Last week’s knitting was all about the Lola dress. Pattern was found free here.

Since then I’ve been taking a wee break from the baby knits and working on something quick and seasonal for myself. Some long arm-warmer type things. They’re not gloves – no fingers, but they should keep me toasty-warm, and are ideal for flyering or manning tea and coffee stands, which is handy in the CU world.

I branched out a little in my choice of yarn this time, which was a little unexpected.

Some would call me a knitting snob. I think that would a wee bit unfair, and would rather just describe myself as particular when it comes to what I knit with. Generally that means I’m all about natural stuff. I really don’t like knitting with anything that was oil in another life, and I’m really not in favour of novelty or variegated yarns. And yet, this time I went with a sock yarn that does exactly that, it’s actually described as ‘fair-isle effect’, so when you knit it up it kind of looks you have some fancy fair isle skills (if you tip your head to the side and squint a bit).

Now, I wouldn’t say that I’ve been entirely won over to this kind of wool, but my heart is certainly softened to its charms, and it was quite a lot of fun to work on.

In summary: half way towards being warm.

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