surrounded by clouds

On short-sleeved shirts

Today I have spent, and will be spending, lots of time in Durham.

Considering renting a second-home in this station based on the amount of time spent here over the last few days.

I was there this morning, listening to Mike Reeves (UCCF’s theology advisor) and Hamish, talk to the Durham small-group leaders on hows and whys of Bible study, and I was there this afternoon as the college reps got together to talk about the term ahead, and this evening I’m going back for CU central and more Mike Reeves-knowledge.

But currently I am in Starbucks in Newcastle killing some time.
Things finished too early to make it worth staying in town, but too late to be worth heading all the way home again, so here I am.
I feel like I’ve been in Durham station a lot over the last week. But it’s especially awesome on a Saturday as, even though it’s still mid-afternoon the gangs of young men aged anywhere between 18 & 55 gather in their jeans and short-sleeved checked shirts to head for a night on the Toon.
It’s fun right now, but may be less so at 9.30 tonight when I repeat the journey.

Revelers are pretty much only fun when you’re one of them – and I ain’t.

In summary: enjoying the day, but massively looking forward to getting home tonight.

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