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On ceilidhs, and ‘ceiledhs’.

Freshers’ 2010 is over. After three and a wee bit weeks, everything concluded with the Durham Fresher Ceilidh – which they advertised as a ‘ceiledh’. Fail Durham. Big fail.

However, despite the spelling errors the event itself was great. Lots of freshers, some reasonable dancing, and a great talk from Roger Carswell.

I have very much enjoyed all the fresher stuff – especially the multiple instances where I was asked if I was one – but from the perspective of energy levels, I’m pretty glad it’s over.

In summary: excited about what’s next.

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4 thoughts on “On ceilidhs, and ‘ceiledhs’.

  1. Took me so long to tell there was a difference in the spelling

  2. ellidhcook on said:

    Whereas when I read it, it looked so horrendously wrong I couldn’t believe that there was only one letter wrong. Weird.

  3. Gillian on said:

    I wanted you to know, I read your blog. A lot. All the time in fact! Not stalking, praying and excited by all you’re involved in. Miss you. I was recalling to someone just the other day our long long chats in the Vic!
    Also – I love to knit!
    Praying for you. Keep me updated pal!

  4. Rachel Nellist on said:

    Not nearly as big a fail as one of the many idiot wedding co ordinators at the Lodore who actually wrote ‘A kali band’ on a function sheet. It was a great source of merriment at the Head of Department meeting that week! xx

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