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On sewing & other dangerous sports.

Today I sadly discovered just how dangerous my hobbies really are.

At lunchtime I decided to partake in a bit of sewing, due to the fact that on Wednesday my lovely daddy delivered a sewing machine (and a bookcase, which he also put together: because he is awesome & kind & has skills & stuff) to my house.

Unfortunately, whilst in the process of doing said sewing I accidentally managed to sew into my left index finger. The events of the incident were as follows:

  • sewing happily
  • finger gets too close
  • feel part of the mechanism hit aforementioned finger
  • assume that it was just the presser foot lever
  • realise that it hurts more than it should
  • look down at hand & see that there is an inch of needle which is now sticking out of fingernail & no longer attached to the machine
  • pause for a moment and consider the situation
  • pull the needle out
  • try not to bleed on too much stuff

It’s honestly not my favourite sewing experience yet, and I’m rather hoping that it’s my last sewing-related injury. But at the moment I’m just annoyed by the fact that I can’t sew or knit till it gets better. And also wondering if I need to get a tetanus jab.

One of my students told me I should, but if she’s doing the usual medic over-reaction, and I don’t have to stand in line at the walk-in clinic then I’d prefer not to. Thoughts?

Here’s some photos (that aren’t particularly grim looking). I’m kind of hoping that my finger looks more damaged tomorrow, because I really prefer my injuries to look as bad as they feel, and it does not feel good.

Also. Apparently today is National Blog Action Day (or something). If you’d like to do something useful – like saving someone’s life – then go here to Jon’s blog of awesomeness and read his posts from today to see how to get involved.

In summary: reminding myself of the dangers of allowing myself to operate any kind of machine.

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5 thoughts on “On sewing & other dangerous sports.

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  2. Cassie on said:


  3. Eurrrrghhh! Through the nail as well – nasty!

    I too received an injury over the weekend and now have a slightly fat nose 😦 xxx

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