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On Christian cross-stitch

Today two people found my blogging by typing ‘Is sewing dangerous?’ into a search engine. The answer, as we all know – and now they do too – is, of course, yes. But happily I can report that my finger is recovering nicely, and not hurting anywhere near as much.

However, it was not okay over the weekend, which rather put a dent in my Saturday knitting plans (which were essentially: knit all day. Not terribly elaborate plans I know, but to the point I think.)

Anyway, I did manage to find one thing that I could do despite my injury – cross stitch. The most hip of all hobbies.

It turns out that, despite my left-handedness, I sew with my right hand. And I have been working on one cross-stitch piece for about 18 months now.

Back in March 2009, just after I arrived in Jo’burg, I had my 25th birthday while camping with the lovely Gertzen family in the Drakensburg Mountains. There were a few other families also camping with us, and one of the ladies was working on a sweet cross-stitch sampler of Proverbs 31, which I admired.

A couple of weeks later at church she presented me with a belated birthday gift: the instructions, threads, needles and everything else necessary to make my own.

I really do quite like it. It’s rather on the Christian-kitsch side – but in a really awesome way. It’s just that I tend to default to knitting instead most of the time, so it was cool (if a little painful) to have a reason to work on this instead.

In summary: glad to be able to knit again.

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