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On knitting with students.

Today was one of the highlights of my time in Newcastle so far.

Knitting lessons with some students.

Back during freshers week a couple of the Newcastle CU committee saw me knitting & expressed an interest in learning how to do it themselves.

Kate perfecting the craft

I obviously jumped at the chance, and suggested that they bring some other studenty friends and we meet up for a wee knitting club.


Today was the debut affair. We met in Costa, I taught Jess & Kate how to knit (and they did very well for a first time, despite my not terribly helpful instructions [definitely something to work on!]), and Emma & Fiona (who already have the knowledge) worked on their own stuff, and we chatted about advanced techniques and studies and the Apprentice and other such delights.

And it was so very, very fun.

In summary: I heart my job.


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One thought on “On knitting with students.

  1. We loved it! Will definitely become a weekly highlight 🙂

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