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On a North-North-East CU leaders’ day.

Today we had a very wonderful training day for the very wonderful students who lead the CUs in the more northern (I didn’t say more cool, but I know you were all thinking it) bit of the north east region.

We met in a church hall in Durham, having battled through some pretty horrendous rain and some eejit in a car who splashed me while I was walking  (oh and btw, whoever said it didn’t rain much on the east coast clearly hasn’t been living here during the last two months, which also happen to be the two months where I am sans umbrella. Even though I’m sure I own at least four of the things, the only one that made the move with me eastwards appears to have been requesitioned by Borrowers, or possibly left on a train.)

We had a good number of folk there – representing Durham, Newcastle, Northumbria, Stockton, Teeside & Sunderland CUs.

Hugo (the pastor from Christ Church) came and gave a really excellent talk on Philippians on ‘Radical Christian Service’. Essentially encouraging them to stick with Jesus, even after uni, into their 30s & 40s & 50s and so on, choosing Jesus over everything – it was really great. Praying that we all listened and took it to heart.

Hamish did a session on thinking about how to choose successors, and some biblical principles for choosing leaders. Which again, was great.

I had some fun knitting & talking about knitting with lovely Edwina, who is a Relay worker in Stockton (and the only other girl in this north-north-east team).

I led a seminar on how we can get to know our universities better in order to be more creative & effective in our mission, and the folks who came had some good chat and some great ideas, which is always exciting.

Then we got back together, spent some time praying for all of the CUs and the day was done.

Good fun times & especially exciting to see a few small group leaders along from Newcastle & Northumbria.

In summary: a great day, despite the weather.

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One thought on “On a North-North-East CU leaders’ day.

  1. UCCF sounds amazing! I understand more now your rage from last year.

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