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On Sunday recommendations.

These are some blogs I’ve been reading lately:

Kate Davies, who is a English Lit. lecturer at Newcastle Uni and lives in Edinburgh. She writes about knitting and walking and her progress in her recovery from a stroke that she had earlier this year.

The blog is v. beautiful & interesting & worth a read.

A blog from Krish Kandiah, who works for the Evangelical Alliance. He’s been live blogging the Lausanne Conference, which has been really interesting, so if you’re interested in that sort of thing then do visit.

I’m sure I’ve linked here before, but I will again anyway just because. This is a mostly-knitting blog from a sweet lady with five (no. 6 on the way) children, who homeschools and has still managed to knit six sweaters so far this year. I found her blog after she commented on mine, and I’m so glad because it’s always lovely to read (and regularly updated, which is always a bonus).


As always, I’m thrilled by any other blog recommendations that you can throw my way. If you write one, or read one, tell me. And if you’re thinking of starting one soon (yes, Cassie, I am talking to you.) then get on with it so that I can start reading.

Thank you so much.

In summary: wondering what I did with my time before I discovered this wonderful bloggy world.




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One thought on “On Sunday recommendations.

  1. How very sweet of you to mention me!
    Blogging is a wonderful outlet and through it I have made so many new friends. 🙂

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