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On remembering the gospel.

In the last few weeks I’ve been reading a lot of different bits of the Bible – Newcastle & Northumbria small groups are studying Colossians, I’m reading through Hebrews with three different girls, I’m looking at Galatians with my supervisor, Peter, and with some Durham small group leaders I’ve studied bits & pieces from Genesis, Psalms, Ephesians, 1 Peter & Revelation, and through it all I am loving the fact that variations on the same theme keeping cropping up: the gospel is amazing.
I think I used to think that one day I’d move on from the gospel – I think I felt like I needed it at the beginning of my Christian journey, but that eventually I would be done with it & learn new & exciting secrets that would take me on.


How can we ever be done with the gospel?

A couple of years ago I read a book called ‘The Discipline of Grace’ by Jeff Bridges and it was so helpful for my understanding of this whole ‘moving on from the gospel’ thing, particularly the author’s constant appeal for us to ‘preach the gospel to yourself every day’.
The gospel reminds us how amazing God is, and how not amazing we are, so that we keep being thankful, keep being in love with him, keep responding to his love with obedience, and keep being so excited by who he is and what he’s done that we can’t help bit tell the whole world.

I’m so enjoying all these reminders because my default setting appears to always be a slip into forgetting that it’s all about Jesus & instead trying to do stuff on my own; to comparing my own efforts to other people’s; to feeling like I’m under a curse when I’m having a bad day, and to feeling like I’m God’s favourite just because I had a good quiet time this morning.

Remembering the gospel helps me to remember that that’s all rubbish and that, basically, it’s all about Jesus.
He’s done all the work & I get all the benefits – what joy.

So I fix my eyes on him, who did it all, and go on I moire with that in mind, unable to do anything bit praise him and tell people who he is & what he’s done.
No secrets, no shortcuts, nothing I’m missing or need a bit more of.
It’s all just Jesus.

In summary: pleased by the reminders.

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One thought on “On remembering the gospel.

  1. I was doing some reading for our church’s devotional last week and loved discovering in Romans 1 that Paul declares how he’s heard how great the Roman church’s faith is, and then says how eager he is to come and “preach the gospel” to them and you first wonder why does he need to? they’re clearly great Christians already. But it’s exactly like you said here – when are we ever done with the gospel? It’s much more than a conversion experience, it’s powerfully applicable in every moment of every day.

    🙂 Like that we get t0 learn some of the same things at the same time…

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