surrounded by clouds

On losing the Christmas-spirit.

I think it’s gone. That old festive feeling I mean.

The snow has disappeared and taken all the jingle bells with it.

Which is rather disappointing.

Despite a brilliant (and hilarious) nativity at church this morning, and a carol service, complete with brass band, at City Church where I was visiting this evening, I’m just a little bit not in the mood.

Which is rather unfortunate, bearing in mind we’re not even half way through December yet.

Still, next week I’ve got carol services in both my churches. Christ Church in the morning, and then a wee trip home to Carlisle for St Michael’s (or should that be St Michael’s’s – apostrophes baffle me.)

And in the mean time – a photo from this evening, which really rather makes me wish I had more than a phone camera.

Kate & Jess waiting for the Metro

It would have been so much cooler with a zoom and more pixels.

In summary: feeling a little bit bah humbug.

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One thought on “On losing the Christmas-spirit.

  1. Ha, mint picture!

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