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On singing carols in the rain.

Today we had a carol service courtesy of the joint efforts of Newcastle & Northumbria CUs together.

In actual fact, we had two. One at lunch time. One this evening.

They were pretty regular services (though, obviously, awesome). There were carols (natch.), and a reading, and some prayers, and a talk from Ian Fry (who will be one of the speakers at Newcastle main events week in February), and some beautiful singing from the choir, and mince pies and mulled wine.

But to make the day a little bit more awesome, some lovely CU folk took a couple hours out of their morning schedules to stand outside of the Union in the rain and sing carols/hand out flyers.

I went along for the last hour and had a lot of fun. I sang, and I handed out flyers, and then we ran out of flyers so while more were being made the singers continued to sing, while I just told the main points to anyone passing by:

“Carol service. One o’clock. In the church.”

UCCF staff work definitely requires a lack of inhibitions about making a bit of a fool of oneself in front of many, many strangers. So it’s really just as well I don’t appear to have any.

Fun times.

In summary: lots of fun, despite the rain.

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