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On disliking the cold.

I had a conversation the other day which basically centred around the age-old ‘would you rather?’ dilemma which divides all of mankind into two camps:

Would you rather be too hot, or too cold?

My answer was ‘too hot’, and after today I’m even more convinced of that fact.

I followed a cold walk to town with a cold wait at the station, which was proceeded by a cold hour and a half on a train through beautiful, but icy,  Cumbrian & Northumbrian countryside, followed by a freezing 20 minute wait for a bus, followed by a chilly 30 minute bus ride. I’ve been home for many hours now and I still don’t feel entirely thawed out.

Frankly, I’ve had quite enough of winter. Which is rather unfortunate, since it’s only the 20th of December and so we have a minimum of three months left of it.


However, since it’s only the 20th of December we have the best thing about winter still to come.

The crib from St Michael's


And with that in mind, I must get back to my Christmas knitting!

In summary: not warm.

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5 thoughts on “On disliking the cold.

  1. We play ‘would you rather’ with the boys at mealtimes. Asked Toby the other day ‘would you rather go to Oxford or Cambridge?’. He looked at me, laughed derisively and said ‘Cambridge’ as if it was obvious. That’s m’boy!

  2. ellidhcook on said:

    Legendary! What a wee genius that boy is.x

  3. There’s a sweet book called Would You Rather. It was one of my fav childhood choices. There are options like Would you rather your mum had a row in a cafe or your dad did a dance at school? Would you rather eat snails, spiders, worms or vegetables? Would you rather live with a hamster, a rhinoceros, a goldfish or would you rather just go to sleep in your own bed (that’s the last page)? And there are lovely illustrations depicting each scenario.

  4. Me too with the rather be too hot. Last Friday, my last day of work, I got stuck in Holland after a meeting coz of the snow. Getting home was a six hour jouney involving a bus to Utrecht, train to Den Haag, taxi to the other Den Haag station, train to Dordrecht, walk into the town centre (with painful fall on ice on the way) and final icy wander around town searching for Rasmus who had driven two hours to pick me up right before my phone died as I was telling him where exactly I was….

    I think it took about three hours for me to warm up again!

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