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On questions.

Yesterday I mentioned the classic and brilliant game, ‘Would you rather?’ in my post.

Please go & read the comment that my dear friend Cassie left on that post, because it is hilarious.

So today, in an effort to find something to blog about, I’ve decided to play a little.

Would you rather…

  • eat pizza and nothing but pizza for the rest of your life, or never eat pizza again?

eat pizza and nothing but pizza – what with all the various and wonderful toppings that you can put on a pizza, it’s a pretty varied meal really.

  • be a foot taller or a foot shorter?

shorter. I’d be 4’11”. Yes that is short, but I could just wear high heels a lot.

  • have super powers or have a million pounds?

I think the super powers – because presumably if I had super powers I could get a million pounds somehow. Maybe sell my story to the papers, or get an advertising contract, or, you know, do a bank job.

  • travel back in time 100 years or forwards in time 100 years?

Probably forwards. It would be pretty cool to see what the world is like in 2110.

  • be able to stop time or be able to fly?

Fly. How convenient would that be? No more waiting for buses, or trains. And visiting friends in far-flung places would be a great deal cheaper.

  • live in the north or south?

North, deffo. ‘Nuff said.

What are your big ‘would you rather?’ questions? And did you have the same answers as me?

In summary: totally decisive.

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2 thoughts on “On questions.

  1. I think i agree with all of these but am slightly concerned at your response to the taller/shorter question. Mainly because i have spent the last 10 years fo my life believing myself to be 5’10”. Now, if you a foot shorter would be 4’11” then you are currently 5’11” which makes me at least 6′. I don’t want to be 6′, it will make my hunt for a man 4″ taller than me sooooo much more difficult. I’m considering leaving work early to go home and measure myself!!! xx

  2. Parental unit (male) on said:

    I would have thought 5’9″ would be more accurate. And Sarah, if you find a bloke with all the right attributes apart from a little vertical challenge, bring him along and we’ll stretch him a bit. I will gladly apologise for all sorts of failings in the rearing of my daughters, but height is not one of them…

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