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On a family Christmas.

We had 10 of us for Christmas day this year.

This is the biggest family Christmas I’ve ever been to, and despite the fact that yesterday was also the worst day of my current illness, it was a very fun time.

Mum & Dad. Two sisters. One brother-in-law. Three nieces. Once nephew. And me.

We had church in the morning – complete with the obligatory comedy sermon illustration (2010 was the year of the giant exploding crown, to remind us that ‘Jesus is the King’).

We had our traditional Christmas day lunch – smoked salmon sandwiches and champagne cocktails for the grown ups, cheese sandwiches and orange juice for the children and the tee-totalers (a.k.a. me).

We had presents – highlights for me would have to be some beautiful wool from my big sis, and ‘The Pioneer Woman Cooks’ recipe book.

We had some classic comedy moments which, despite the fact that we will definitely re-tell them for years to come and they made me laugh so much that I wept, were the ultimate in ‘you had to be there’.

We had a beautiful, beautiful dinner – turkey, sausages in bacon, two kinds of stuffing, roast potatoes, roast parsnip, cranberry sauce, red cabbage, carrots, sprouts (which I didn’t eat), and gravy, and then Christmas pudding and Nantucket Cranberry Pie for pudding.

Awesomeness. And a really great day.

In summary: hoping your Christmas was lovely too.

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