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On knitting for me again.

Usually my pre-Christmas knitting is a little hectic. Despite my best intentions (and the fact that I started in November) this year was no exception. I was technically still knitting one gift on Christmas morning.

But, I didn’t knit through the night this year.

Which is quite an improvement on last year.

Then of course I got some more wool for Christmas, and somewhere around two o’clock in the afternoon I picked up my needles and began again.

The rest of my family can’t quite understand my obsession, or how I could possibly want to do any more knitting so soon.

But that’s because they don’t know. They haven’t experienced the joy or love of yarn and all its wonders.

Which is pretty sad for them.

I probably shouldn’t start new projects – but all my started stuff is in Newcastle and I’m not.


In summary: all about me now.

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One thought on “On knitting for me again.

  1. how are you feeling?

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