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On team day baking

Tomorrow and Friday we have very exciting north east team days, back once again to the (neither ‘north’ nor ‘east’) Doncaster.

As has become my tradition, I spent this evening baking in preparation. In September I made Fifteens, in November I made tablet (and didn’t blog about it), and in December I made biscuits (which, despite certain people’s disparaging remarks about their decoration, tasted lovely).

It’s now January, and I’ve made (a semi-successful attempt at) lemon drizzle cake, using this recipe, by Tana Ramsay.

I made two, one of which looks lovely, because I wanted to make sure that there was enough for all the gannet-like boys (of which there are many), and because I wanted to try putting poppy seeds in one batch.

The unexpected upside of two cakes has come about due to the fact that the first cake has kind of… sunk… in the middle.

I think that this is a bit of a combination of the fact that I may have cooked for a little less time than I should have, and that I may have drizzled a wee bit too much of the drizzle on the middle of the cake.

Nevertheless, the other one worked out okay, and they both taste & smell pretty darn-tootin’ great.

The other lesson learned is that I really need to buy a sieve, since I had to resort to sifting the flour through a (clean) tea strainer.

In summary: tastes good, looks not-so-good.

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10 thoughts on “On team day baking

  1. what is a gannet-like boy?

    • ellidhcook on said:

      ‘boy’ – young, male human
      ‘like’ – having similar characteristics to
      ‘gannet’ – large, sea-bird; notable for its supposed capacity to eat a large amount of fish, causing its name to become synonymous with one who eats to excess.

  2. PS I’m sure you realised this when you were in Joburg, but when you bring home-baked goods to a meeting, especially a christian meeting, you’re a hero!

    • ellidhcook on said:

      I did. That’s one of the *many* reasons why you are my hero Kim.
      That’s also why I do it – that and the girl-points.

  3. I love that Tana Ramsay receipe! I made them for team days in September I think . . .enjoy!
    And have great team days πŸ™‚ x

  4. Think that was me insulting your icing attempts but I did it with love in my heart πŸ™‚
    I remember making us a lemon drizzle cake in our 4th year flat, but I think I used Jamie Oliver’s recipe. I say definitely yes to the popper seeds – they add that extra zing!

  5. sieves – I remember that I need one every time I bake, but forget everytime I shop. I have therefore decided that my baking is meant to be rustic and no one has complained (to my face at least) yet.

    • ellidhcook on said:

      I’m going to have to adopt ‘rustic’ as a description for the future. Sifting through a tea strainer is not something I’m planning to repeat – life is definitely too short

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