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On health advice

I am starting another cold. Feel free to read through my archives over the last four months to understand why I’m a little irritated by this news.

If I have to have one at all I’m glad it’s now, rather than next week, because the prospect of a cold going into a mission week makes me want to cry a little.

But I’d love to hear some health tips if you’ve got any. I’m aware that there is no cure for a cold. But is there anything one can do to reduce the frequency of bouts or to recover quicker?

My dear mammy has 3 solutions to any ailment: have some breakfast, get a good night’s sleep and wear a vest, but none seem to be the answer this time.

I’d always relied on the popular ‘consume a lot of vitamin C and you’ll be fine’ mantra. But I have been without visible results, and then I read this article which seems to suggest that it’s little more than an old wives tale.

So. Any suggestions?

In summary: feeling victimised by a virus.

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11 thoughts on “On health advice

  1. kirstymac on said:

    This winter I have escaped the colds and flus. I am thankful for this and note that it could be due to the freezing temperatures up here, killing all known viruses… or it could be an answer to prayer… or it could be that I have faithfully taken a multivitamin for the first winter ever… I feel healthier all over due to this so I am a firm believer in them helping… no matter what skeptics say! Also, sleeping only a set amount – 8 hours is good… 11pm til 7ish?
    Also, lots of water and not too much caffeine- sorry diet coke…..

    xx feel better m’dear

  2. snaps.
    Rasmus swears by it. As soon as I start sniffing or coughing he’s pouring me a shot (the strong Danish type). And as much as I make fun of him for the fact he won’t touch ibuprofen unless his life is hanging in the balance, it actually helps.
    Last week I had a dry throat and cough threatening to take over and I had a shot of snaps three days in a row before I went to sleep and was right as rain in no time!

    • ellidhcook on said:

      Sadly this is not something I tend to have in the house! It sounds like the nicest of all suggested cures so far though!x

  3. You need to have iron at the same time as vit C or it’s not absorbed into your bod.


    • ellidhcook on said:

      I know that works the other way round – having been prescribed my fair share of iron tablets in the past – but I didn’t know it worked t’other way too, that may explain things!

  4. Cassie on said:

    John swears by Echinacea. I’m not convinced. Yr immune system is prob getting used to those nasty germ carrying students, by year 3 in the job you will be invincible! (Worked for me when teaching…!)

  5. You forgot to tidy your bedroom, you will remain sick until your bedroom is tidy! You know my soloution – day & night nurse. Go to bed early though because the night nurse will knock you out for about 12 hours!
    And this illness is no doubt cause by hanging around bus stops in the cold, rain and wind!!! Hope you are feeling better soon darling sister xxx

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