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On ideas.


I’ve struggled to think of ideas for blogging today, but I learned that WordPress have this handy little thing going on at the moment where they give a topic idea every day to encourage people to blog every day. Which is rather nice of them.

Today’s question was:

“Describe the worst teacher you ever had.”

The thing is – on thinking that one through I realised that I’ve had a few bad ones, including:

  • A primary teacher who didn’t teach anything except how to play the non-sport that is ‘Rounders’.
  • A French teacher who didn’t teach me any French.
  • A geography teacher who cried in front of the class after a 12 year old made fun of her.
  • An English teacher who felt the need to teach my A level English class how to read.
  • A Religious Studies teacher who taught us all to do Buddhist meditation, sitting cross-legged on the classroom floor.
  • A headteacher who ran after three-hundred students who were engaged in a full-scale riot on the playing fields. Life tip: don’t chase people unless you have a plan for what you’re going to do when you catch them. You will just look stupid.

There were others – my school was pretty ridiculous.

I had good teachers too – even at that ridiculous school – but I think my best teacher was when I was at university.

Professor Chris Seitz gets my vote for ‘best teacher of all time’.

He taught a couple of classes that I took at uni, but the best ever was one on the Minor Prophets in fourth year.

The class was brilliant for many reasons – it was small (only four of us), so we got to write and present essays each week, and get good feedback, and ask questions, and learn interesting things, and read Calvin’s commentaries for the first time (win), all of which led me to get the best mark I ever got in an exam. But best of all, he held academic excellence and integrity to the Bible together, at the same time – which, perhaps surprisingly, had been somewhat rare in my experience of Biblical Studies up to that point. So brilliant.

So what about you? Who was your best or worst teacher, and why?

In summary: appreciating the good.

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5 thoughts on “On ideas.

  1. We had a food tech teacher who told us that new research showed that the best way to eat healthy was to turn the food pyramid upside down….

    Then she spilled oil all over the floor and it was so slippery. We didn’t see her again after that.

  2. was the teacher who taught you about buddist meditation the same one who would pray to Mecca each lesson in a VERY short skirt?

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