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On being grilled.

Today was quite exciting.

I saw a bit of the Newcastle campus that I’d not seen before. The university is really very large.

I went inside the medical school. It’s quite fancy.

I was on a ‘Grill a Christian’ panel (where a group of Christians get ‘grilled’ with questions about their faith by non-Christians) at an event run by the pre-clinical CMF group. The last time I was grilled was three years ago in Glasgow.

On this panel I was both the token girl, and the token non-medic. I’ve often been the only girl, but never the only non-medic. So that was new.

About 40 people came. Which was very encouraging.

I love my job. And I’m very excited about next week.

In summary: grilled.

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2 thoughts on “On being grilled.

  1. Any surprising questions?

    • ellidhcook on said:

      I got asked ‘Can you give me evidence for the Trinity in the Bible?’ by a Muslim guy. Never been asked that in a Grill before.

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