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On a quiz.

This evening I went to a PTA quiz at a local primary school, with some friends from church.

One of the ladies from my home group has two children who go to this school, so she invited a few of us to make up a team.

We called our team ‘Only one local’ – since with a Midlander, two Northern Irish, an American, me and only one local girl, that kind of summed us up.

We didn’t win. But we didn’t come last either. The winners got 66 1/2 and we got 61 1/2, so that’s pretty close.

Here’s an example of some of the questions:

  • Which two cities lie at either end of the M62?
  • In 1976 one song was knocked off the top of the charts by another. The first song had mentioned the title of the second song in its lyrics. What were the two songs?
  • Which 5 cities, beginning with the letter M, have hosted the summer Olympics since 1896?
  • What space on a standard British monopoly board contains the letters M O N O P O L Y?

Would you have got the answers right (without the benefit of Google?)

In summary: generally knowledgeable.

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