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On stash.

Stash is a word that I quite like. If only I’d remembered it last night I would have added it to my list. I learned this week that the word is used quite bizarrely in Durham, to refer to team or club clothing. Evidently, the most sought-after of all stash is Team Durham clothing: sweatshirts, tracksuits etc that one is allowed to get if one plays for the highly-esteemed university sports teams. Everyone and their sister plays for college teams, but only the few and the skilled gets to represent the whole university in rugby, or cricket, or mixed lacrosse. So if you see someone wandering around town in the dark blue apparel with the purple stripe and the Bailey crest then you’ll know that they are one of those special folk and you can be dutifully impressed.

My current favourite game is trying to work out what the initials might stand for:

  • DURFC (Durham University Rugby Football Club)
  • DUBC (Durham University Boat Club)
  • DUJC (Durham University Judo Club)

Can you guess what DUAXC, DUGTC, or DUCPC could stand for?

Anyway, today featured a bit of Newcastle CU stash in the form of the arrival of two giant boxes of branded clothing all ready for the start of Main Event week on Monday.

Newcastle have gone for a pale grey garment this year, offered in the standard Christian Union hooded sweatshirt style, or the slightly more alternative, round-neck sweater version.

On the front is the event week logo, and the date, and on the back is a C.S. Lewis quote, and the CU logo.

Apparently the quote has caused a bit of controversy amongst some members of the CU (controversy over stash – who’d thunk?)  – but I heart it all, and I am in fact wearing my sweater as I type these very words.

In summary: excited about next week.


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3 thoughts on “On stash.

  1. what’s the controversial quote?

    • ellidhcook on said:

      “If Christianty is false, it is of no importance, and if true, of infinite importance, the only thing it cannot be is moderately important.”

      Can you work out why it is so controversial?

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