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On two of my favourite things.

I spent a very fun Saturday afternoon with some of the Northumbria CU ladies.

Delightful is most definitely the word.

The Northumbria CU boys had decided on a game of football and all-you-can-eat-buffet (except for their brief visit to our gathering) so we went for something a wee bit more refined (not to mention warmer and less muddy), namely, afternoon tea and some knitting.

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Claire and Clare provided the fairy cakes, and I brought along some Earl Grey Blue Lady and some knitting know-how to share with the group.

I must say though, my knitting tutorial skills certainly need some work. It’s weird how difficult I find it to teach people the basics.

My big dilemma at the moment is deciding which type of cast on is best to learn first.

When I taught Kate and Jess last term I tried to teach cable cast on first, and they really struggled so I switched to long tail cast on and they got it really quickly.

Today I started with the long tail, and it was kind of a disaster. So I tried cable instead and they were knitting in no time.


A proper mystery. Any knitting insight from those in the know? Bearing in mind that I’m doing another knitting class at Forum:NorthEast next weekend, I’d love to try and improve my lessons.

In summary: a fabulously sweet afternoon.

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