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On blogs to recommend.

Another recommending blogs blog post.

  • Living in a Field of Hats – Sarah Dawkins works with CUs in Hatfield (and Luton, and Bedford), hence the name.
  • Living Stones – Cat Hare has an amazing first-name-last-name combo (although not for much longer – since she’s getting marriaged in April) and works with students in Plymouth.
  • A New Name – written by Emma Scrivener who, unlike the first two on the list, I’ve not actually met. But her blog is always interesting/thought-provoking and it’s also a very pretty site.
  • Mrs Nesbit – Mrs Rachel Nellist (a.k.a. my big sister) started a blog to use as a website for the family business, but when she replaced that with a real website, she turned the blog into the story of her life. She is awesome, so naturally the site is too.


Any good blogs to recommend to me?

In summary: lists.

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6 thoughts on “On blogs to recommend.

  1. Aw thanks for the mention :)! I am very sad about having to change my name… perhaps I will keep it the same withing T2 and Staff conference hehe 🙂

  2. ellidhcook on said:

    Yeah, I doubt your getting married will stop Alison from referring to you as ‘Cat Fur’ for the rest of your life actually so nevermind!

  3. Thanks v much for the link! – hopefully we will get to meet at some point too

  4. Thanks Sis, feeling delicate at the moment so lack of blogging. Hoping a takeaway will improve my well being later. Mwah xx

    • ellidhcook on said:

      What have you been doing so early in the week to make you delicate? These are the times when I think I should be the oldest, so I can at least give you a Granny look! Hope the takeaway works!xxx

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