surrounded by clouds

On March madness.

Today is the first day of March.

It was very spring-like in Newcastle. We had sunshine. I didn’t wear a scarf for the first time in 6 months.

I went into town to meet up with Kate, have a wee coffee and talk about another chapter of the book we’re reading together.

The book is Death by Love by Mark Driscoll. It is really excellent. Highly recommended.

On my way to the bus-stop to go home I was accosted by a woman who wondered if I had a few minutes to do a survey.

I did.

I thought it would be just a case of answering a couple of simple questions.

Oh how wrong I was.

She ushered me across the street and into an office, where they had set up a mock-supermarket, complete with shopping trolleys and a number of shelves and refrigeration units filled with products. They gave me a trolley and a list and sent me shopping. Then I had to sit and answer a number of questions about the packaging of a particular brand of yoghurt, before they gave me £4 of Boots vouchers as a thank you and sent me on my way.

I carried along to the bus stop, got on the bus and enjoyed half a journey home until we stopped at some traffic lights and the driver couldn’t get the engine to start again. He tried for a while and then declared the bus broken, we all got off and I decided that since the weather was so lovely I would walk home. So I did.

And that is the story of (some of) my day. Hope you enjoyed it, and that you had as fun a first.

In summary: surveyed about yoghurt.


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