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On not giving up.

Today is the first day of Lent. Lots of folk are giving stuff up, but I decided to start something instead, namely, blogging every day till Resurrection Day.

To make it, hopefully, more spiritually beneficial (I feel like beneficial isn’t really the word I want to use there, but it’ll have to do for now), as well my general, tea and knitting related chat, I will be sharing a couple of thoughts on whatever bit of the Bible I will have read that day.

Some of us at church have been doing a ‘read the Bible in a year’ thing together, and hopefully blogging my reading might help me to keep a wee bit more up-to-date.


At the moment we’re in the midst of CU events week at Northumbria Uni. I’ll do a proper round up after it’s all finished, but for today you can enjoy this photo, taken on Monday:


There have been encouragements, and good conversations and answers to prayer – particularly in the form of the presence of sunshine and the absence of snow. But there are also frustrations.

Trying to remember to keep praying, thinking of the much greater challenges faced by brothers and sisters elsewhere, and rejoicing in the knowledge that we serve a great God.


March 9th reading: Numbers 4-6

  • Some rules about how to pack up the tabernacle (the temple when it was a tent) when the camp moves, and who’s to carry what.
  • Some rules about holiness, and adulteress wives.
  • Some rules about being a Nazirite, and a priestly blessing.

Frankly, it’s mostly a little alien and strange, but things I read remind me of other bits in the Bible, and also, help me to be extra especially glad for Jesus.

I can’t keep the rules, I didn’t even know about all the rules, and now that I do know, I don’t really understand them – but Jesus can, and did, and has for me.



In summary: excited about Lent (and glad that chocolate and me are on speaking terms for the next 45 days).



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3 thoughts on “On not giving up.

  1. Now when you say “resurrection day”…do you mean the day Jesus returns and we are all raised from the dead OR do you mean Easter day… lol worth clarifying or else thats a lot of blogging…hehe unless you know something we dont??? 😉

  2. ellidhcook on said:

    Maybe I do know something you don’t…. 😮

    I don’t. I am in fact, referring to the day on which we celebrate the resurrection of JC (and look forward to our own), commonly known as Easter. However, Easter has been rather hijacked by chocolate and bunnies, and chocolate bunnies, plus, evidently the word ‘Easter’ refers to the name of an Anglo-Saxon month, basically equivalent to April, known as Eostur-monath and named after Eostre, a Germanic goddess.
    Bearing all that in mind I’ll go for Resurrection Sunday. 😉

  3. hehe. thank you for your reply! made me chuckle… 🙂

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