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On tired ramblings.

Today was the final day of Northumbria CU events week.

I promise that I will do a proper breakdown of the week (with photos) very soon, but not tonight.

Tonight I am very tired, and practically giddy with excitement about the prospect of turning my alarm off and sleeping until I wake naturally and calmly and without the aid of a loud tune.

But, before that:


March 11th reading: Numbers 10-13

A question –

  • why, in chapter 12 when Miriam and Aaron talk against Moses, is Miriam the only one who gets punished?

Some other thoughts –

  • I love the explanation by God of the difference between Moses and other prophets: other prophets hear from God in a vision or dream, but to Moses God speaks “mouth to mouth, clearly and not in riddles, and he beholds the form of the LORD.”

How exciting that we are allowed even more than that.

  • I am struck by chapter 11 where the people complain about the menu choices, and they whine that they were ‘so much better off in Egypt’, (despite the fact that they were slaves and God rescued them) and chapter 13 where the spies return from the land and report that it’s unconquerable and full of giants (despite the fact that it was a massive exaggeration, and they had the LORD Almighty on their side).

I read it and my instant reaction is, ‘silly Israelites, how can you forget all that God’s done so quickly’, and then about one second later I realise that I am just as silly and just as forgetful.

Silly me, amazing Jesus.


In summary: sleepy.

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3 thoughts on “On tired ramblings.

  1. I just heard a good sermon recently that referenced that moment when the spies come back. It talked about where is our focus – on the crazy scary people inhabiting the land? Or on the God who has promised it to us? I love that Caleb says “we can certainly do it”. He doesn’t deny the size of the challenge but he’s so sure of the God he obeys…

    I like hearing what you’re reading and thinking 🙂

  2. Parental unit (male) on said:

    Two thoughts on the different treatment of Miriam and Aaron. (1) My Hebrew grammar is non-existent so I can’t verify this, but one commentator said that the form of the verb ‘spoke’ in v.1 is feminine (unlike later in the passage) implying that Miriam was the ringleader. (2) Also, Aaron was the high priest, and leprosy would have left him unable to perform his role on behalf of the people.
    I think the real significance of the passage is that (once again) Moses intercedes with God on Miriam’s behalf, and God answers and restores her. He does this quite a lot on behalf of the Israelites – there must be a message there somewhere …

  3. What he said. 3 reasons – her name is first, suggesting she took the lead. The Hebrew is feminine of ‘spoke’ and most importantly, we know God judges justly.

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