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On angry birds.

This weekend, when not sleeping, going to church and knitting, I’ve been playing Angry Birds on my phone.

I am glad I downloaded it, because it has entertained me.

I am not glad I downloaded it, because I am now a little addicted.

Obviously it hasn’t been the most exciting weekend in the history of time. But it’s also been pretty relaxing, and that was rather more important for me following last week.

I hope you’ve had a lovely Sunday. Anything special, fun or exciting?


March 13th reading: Numbers 16-18

The most ridiculous and tragic (bearing in mind the eventual outcome) statement from Dathan & Abiram in 16:12-14: they complain that Moses has taken them out of a land flowing with milk & honey (Egypt: where they were slaves) and has failed to bring them into a land flowing with milk & honey (the same place that they refused to enter 2 chapters earlier).

Also struck by the action of Aaron in the end of chapter 16 when he runs into the midst of the Israelites to offer atonement for them and stop the plague.

“He stood between the living and the dead, and the plague stopped.” v.48

I’m not sure if it’s meant to or not, but it does make me think of Jesus – standing in the middle and making atonement for us. And yet of course it’s different, because while Jesus’ sacrifice is himself and is perfect and complete; Aaron, while managing to stop the plague, can’t do quite as much, and 14.700 people die.

The sacrifices of Aaron are okay, but their not enough. We need Jesus.


In summary: a weekend of Angry Birds and sleep.

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