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On Tynemouth Market

A week or so ago I went to Tynemouth Market with Kate.

Tynemouth is our local seaside resort here in Newcastle. It has a beautiful beach, and wonderful fish & chips, and every weekend there’s also a antique/flea market set up in the Metro station.

Kate wanted to go to do some filming for a documentary film class that she’s taking this term, and I wanted to go because I love markets, and I really love this one.

We had lunch a sweet, old school railway cafe, the station itself is beautiful, and the market is fun, and full of great stuff, and pretty reasonably priced – which doesn’t hurt.

I came away with a couple of purchases.

Firstly, from a stall that sells old postcards and random photos. I was a bit bemused by the concept of buying someone else’s photographs but then I saw them and started to see the appeal. It’s so interesting to look at the faces and wonder about their lives and what happened to them.

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I also bought a lovely silver cake stand.

So pretty.


March 14th reading: Numbers 19-21

Miriam and Aaron both die in these chapters, and Moses commits the sin that causes God to declare that he’ll not lead the people into the land.

In the grand scheme of everything that has gone on before – particularly for Aaron (who, for instance, has created idols out of gold) it seems a fairly minor crime: hitting the rock with a stick instead of just speaking. Presumably the issue is that they are not giving God the glory, pretending to the people that they’re the ones with the power, rather than God.

The bronze snake thing is also interesting. I believe I’ve heard that this is pointing towards the cross: the Israelites are to look up at the bronze snake and are saved from death, and if we look (metaphorically speaking, natch) to Christ’s death on the cross then we will also be saved.

BTW – I’m really enjoying the input into these Bible readings (particularly the answering of my questions – thanks Cassie, and Pops) so if you’ve got any insights, please do add a comment.


In summary: some good buys at the market.

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One thought on “On Tynemouth Market

  1. Maybe God is angry with Moses because he loses his cool with the Israelites, maybe it’s because he disobeys God’s instructions, but notice what he says in 20v12 – Moses did not honour God as holy.

    In the earlier incident in Exodus 17v6 Moses is told to strike through God when he strikes the rock in order to release God’s grace. (See also 1 Corinthians 10v4). But on this occasion, he is not told to do that, but lashing out at the rock he shows disrespect for God.

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