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On Forum Sessions

Some more music to recommend today.

Just released (and available on itunes!) are two songs by Olly Knight (UCCF staff worker in Kent).

We sang them a bunch at Forum in September, and I loved them, so I’m overjoyed that they’re finally available on my iPhone.

Check out the video (chock-full of UCCF types being musical and rocking awesome headphones):

Go. Download.


March 15th reading: Numbers 22-24

This is a wonderfully weird bit of the book (perhaps I’m not supposed to say that, but it’s too late. I have).

First – there’s a talking donkey. Which is weird, but if God can create the universe from nothing and raise Jesus from the dead, then obviously he can cause a donkey to speak. But then weirder still is that there’s no particular surprise from Balaam about the fact that his donkey is having a chat with him, he’s just annoyed to have been ‘made a fool of’.

The oddest of all is Balak’s attitude to Balaam’s announcements. Despite the fact that Balaam blesses Israel once, Balak takes him to get a different look at the camp, to try and encourage him to curse them, and then again for a third time, as if Balaam and God will change their minds if they get another view.

God is not human, that he should lie,
not a human being, that he should change his mind.
Does he speak and then not act?
Does he promise and not fulfill?
I have received a command to bless;
he has blessed, and I cannot change it. 23:19-20

Even after that pronouncement Balak tries for a third go, and then is upset when Balaam won’t do as he asks.

God is bigger than any threat or any promise of riches, and Balaam can’t speak against Him.

And a question: who’s the star in 24:17? Jesus? Crushing heads makes me think of Genesis 3, but that was the serpent, not Moab and Sheth. Thoughts Cassie (or anyone else)?


In summary: loving the new tunes.

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2 thoughts on “On Forum Sessions

  1. Who is the star? Good question. Crushing heads made me think of Genesis 3 too – the womans offspring crushes the serpents head… I guess we can ask what does the serpent represent? – Satan, Evil, Tyrant… !
    So as we zoom forward to Exodus we are faced with the battle of the Offspring and serpent which is the Pharoah (Serpent figure) and sons (offspring of a woman, Moses…), then on to the NT and Herod and the Son, Jesus…
    Could it be another picture of Jesus crushing the heads of opposition (which is Moab in this instance) which is the serpent, evil, satan… ? Maybe? Jesus is indeed the star and the scepter coming out of Israel…? mmmm!
    Calvin suggestes in his commentary that it is Christ –

    “The coming forth of the Star and the Sceptre, therefore, of which Balaam speaks explicitly, refers to Christ; and what we read in the Psalm corresponds with this prophecy;
    “The Lord shall send the sceptre of thy strength out of Sion.” (Psalm 110:2.)”

    More here:

  2. See Matthew 2v2. David, the archtypal Davidic king, did indeed literally crush the enemies arund Israel, but ultimately we’re looking at the uber-davidic king, Jesus.

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