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On spiders and MacDonalds.

Today has been a very long day. It’s been fun, but it’s been long. So I will be keeping this short, and saving the penultimate Numbers section for tomorrow.

After prep and multiple coffees and small group leaders training with 30 people, and CU, and drinks, the day ended with a CU trip to MacDonalds where I took this photo to try and capture some of the joy of the gathering:

In other news, I’m currently experiencing another plague of large spiders trying share my room without contributing to the rent or doing any cleaning while I’m out.

I just evicted one, but another is lurking on the ceiling, frustratingly out of reach, but far enough away from my bed to be tolerable. For now, this spider will be allowed to remain, but who knows what tomorrow might bring.

Hope you’ve had a lovely Friday, whatever you’ve been doing.


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One thought on “On spiders and MacDonalds.

  1. Ah marvellous. “Kate the Special”…

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