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On Purim

It’s Purim. Which, FYI, is a Jewish holiday celebrating the events in the book of Esther.

This is song celebrating the story, written and performed by the rather wonderful, Maccabeats, a male a cappella group from Yeshiva University:

Cuteness. Watch it.


Reading for March 20th: Numbers 31-36

Lots and lots of lists, and more laws.

The laws are very specific. Interested particularly in the fact that if one kills someone accidentally and flees to a city of refuge then they’re safe if they remain in that city until the High Priest dies. Any ideas why the death of the High Priest is the reason that the exile comes to an end?

Also, I wonder about the reasons for the very long list of all of the places that the Israelites stopped in chapter 33.

So I end Numbers with more questions than answers – tomorrow it’s on to Romans.


In summary: enjoying the Purim singing.

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One thought on “On Purim

  1. One of the things about the end of Numbers, inc. the seocnd census, is to show that they are exactly where they were when they started 40 years earlier, both in terms of geography & headcount. Maybe this time they will get to enter the land…

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