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On sunshine & Kiwis

(2nd post of the day – in an effort to make up for yesterday’s fail.)

Today we had sunshine and 15 degree temperatures. I always love the comedy of the first ‘warm’ day after a long winter.

Newcastle was full of boys in shorts and flip flops, and girls in summer dresses and bare legs, and it felt like every patch of grass was festooned with sunbathing students.

Very cheerful.

And the cheery day was completed by a fun evening hearing from Andy Shudall on the work of TSCF in New Zealand.

I have a soft spot in my heart for TSCF because my friend, Gillian (I’ve put a link here, but really, she hasn’t blogged in 7 MONTHS – Goose, if you’re reading this, how about a wee update?), works for them. Gillian is one of my favourite people, and I miss her very much – my loss is definitely New Zealand’s gain – so it was lovely to hear about the work that’s going on where she is, and to see a brief glimpse of her smiling face.

I love to hear about other IFES movements and what they’ve got going on – it’s so exciting and encouraging, and makes me rejoice in the awesomeness of what God is doing around the world.

In summary: Hooray for IFES and TSCF – Reaching Students for Christ | he akonga ki nga akonga hei ara whakawhiti mo te Karaiti

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2 thoughts on “On sunshine & Kiwis

  1. Hannah on said:

    Lovely Ellie,
    Is everything ok? Just wondered what has stopped you blogging and hoping it is nothing more serious than your busy life!
    Happy Birthday for tomorrow too 🙂
    love Hannah

  2. Gillian on said:

    That’s me friend!! Aw, exciting! I’m so glad you were able to be part of Andy’s trip back. So thankful for partnership in the Gospel across the seas!
    I HAVE to start blogging again. You know when you get to that point where you’ve not done it for so long that it feels like it has to be something really good to make it worthwhile!! Help me pal!!

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