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On entirely my fault.

Sorry about the lack of blogging recently, clearly the blog-every-day-in-lent plan went rather awry.

Life has been pretty busy of late, and in rather a tiring kind of way. Lots and lots of coffee meetings with people, and whilst I love coffee, and I love people, it also gets a wee bit emotionally exhausting, so that when I get home all I’ve wanted to do is sleep.

However, on Monday and Tuesday (team days in Leeds) I had some good chat about blogging with some of the other staff and Relay types, which inspired me to get back in the zone. So expect normal daily service to resume, with lots of good stuff to catch you up on.

In the meantime, here are some links to other North East-y blogs:

Matt Oliver | CU staff worker with Sunderland, Stockton and Teeside.

Chris Simons | Relay worker with Sunderland & Northumbria

Lensa Woodcock | CU staff worker with Leeds, Bradford and Huddersfield (and a brand, new blogger!).

In summary: back in the game.


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2 thoughts on “On entirely my fault.

  1. Getcha head in the game!

  2. Welcome back. We missed you 🙂
    And yeh I totally get the whole coffee and meeting people is just very tiring! I hope you rest well over easter. Thanks for the new blogs to look at 🙂

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