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On trying to decide whether I’m going to say Yes or No.

So, I think blogging every day again is called for. Evidently, unless I actually pledge to do it (and often not even then) I revert to a once-every-few-weeks pattern. Apparently I’m an all-or-nothing kind of girl, and if I’ve got to choose between those two extremes I’m going to pick all over nothing every time.

Meanwhile, tomorrow, being the first Thursday in May is both the day my wee sister turns a quarter of a century old, and election day on this fair, sceptred isle.

Last year was an exciting election, being that it was a big one – a general. I wrote about it here.

This year is just a local. Which is rather less fun. But, we’re also having a referendum on the question of whether our voting system should be changed.

The current system in the UK is ‘first past the post’ , but tomorrow we will be asked to cast our votes for whether we think the system should be changed to the Alternative Voting system.

As of yet I am undecided whether to vote ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to the change. I may postpone my decision until 9 o’clock tomorrow morning when I go to the polling station, so feel free to chip in with any arguments that may help me make up my mind.

The other question on the cards tomorrow is who I’m going to vote for in the local council elections. To be frank, since only the Liberal Democrat candidate has informed me that she’s in the running (and delivered a interesting leaflet telling me how wonderful she is) it’s unlikely that I’ll vote for anyone else.

If they don’t campaign then they can hardly expect me to vote for them, can they?

So, one decision made. One still to come.

In summary: half decided.

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