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On Tipping Points.

One of the things I most appreciate about my job is the amount of training I get.

Part of my week is given over to a study programme that all UCCF staff participate in, we have monthly team days to build on that, we have annual staff conference, and in our first year of being on staff we get to go along to three extra conferences, designed to help us get to grips with various aspects of the job: theological stuff to undergird, and practical skills to equip.

In August there was a week of Orientation, and in November we had T1, and this week was T2.

There was some great training to prepare us for supervision of Relay workers next year, there was useful chat about Freshers’ Weeks, encouragements about Christian unity, and some interesting stuff on lessons learned from a book that we were asked to read beforehand: The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell.

This book is not the kind of thing I’d usually read – it’s a best-seller, non-fiction about social epidemics and what causes them to take off – but it turned out to be pretty interesting, and I enjoyed the conversations about what we could learn from the concepts featured with regards to our ministry.

Other highlights of the last few days included: wonderful food, generous hospitality, spending time with fantastic colleagues and friends, small amounts of sunshine and a brief game of croquet (which, unsurprisingly, I lost).

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In summary: glad.

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One thought on “On Tipping Points.

  1. Your croquet performance was pretty good…I may have used the hit your opponents ball away rule a little too much to reflection!

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