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On planning with Newcastle CU

Yesterday I spent a lovely day with Newcastle CU exec, planning for the year ahead.

They’re keen-beans, and so rather than just having a standard planning day, they decided to go away together to Cullercoats (a sweet wee town on the coast; and the childhood home of my dear Papa) for the weekend.

They allowed me to hang out with them all day yesterday, and to take them through a fun planning resource, to help them to get to know their mission field better, and to plan what they’re going to do come September.

They made collages out of cut-up magazines, they stuck stickers on maps, post-its and plasters on paper and ate quite a lot of sweets – all the name of planning – and by the end of the day had come up with some great ideas. It’s going to be a lot of fun to see it all put into action.

Other highlights of the day included:

  • the fact that it was Catie’s birthday and they sang Happy Birthday¬†approximately 15 times in the 8 hours that I was with them
  • the fact that when I arrived they announced that they had given me a super-hero name, informed me that said name was ‘Gordon’ (natch.) and then proceeded to call me that for much of the rest of the day
  • the fact that towards the end of the day a few of them started drawing on Phoebe’s legs with permanent marker, to which she did not object, leaving her with both legs covered in writing and pictures from the knee down. See the pictures below. Assume that’s going to be there for a while.
  • the fact that we went for tea at a fish & chip shop, Rob got battered haggis and chips, and we sat and ate our food in the semi-rain, overlooking the sea
  • and the fact that I got to travel there and back on the Metro – which I don’t do very much, but love.

Such fun.

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In summary: all planned out.

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