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On excessive baking photos.

Today is an important day – the birthday of my dear friend, Cassie, and of my dear niece, Sophie-woo. Happy Birthday ladies!


Last week we had team days, and it was the turn of the north bit of the North East to host.

Since that meant I only had to get a train as far as Durham (and I got to go back and sleep in my own bed at night) I decided to up my baking quota a little, and made three different things.

  1. I repeated the Lemon & Poppy Seed Drizzle Cake (and had a small accident resulting in excessive amounts of poppy seeds spread across my kitchen floor).
  2. I made scones (for the benefit of one of the team who’s allergic to egg) and served them with strawberries and clotted cream (in honour of the fact that it’s sort of summertime).
  3. And I baked some rather lovely (if exceedingly rich) Brownies.

I also took many, many photos.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In summary: discovering my domestic skill.

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5 thoughts on “On excessive baking photos.

  1. Cassie on said:

    Thank you for the birthday wishes!

  2. Wee sister on said:

    If I promise to make you the carrot cake you were supposed to have the last time you were home will you pleeeeeeease bring me some brownies??? xxx

  3. Why do your scones look so lovely and mine so sad?


    when you eat poppy seed cake, do you also get the seeds stuck in your teeth?

    (I’m hoping that the answer – Yes – to q2 will cancel out my jealousy at q1)

    • ellidhcook on said:

      1 – I don’t know. Fluke?
      2 – Yes. Not to mention, all over the floor and the cupboard when I drop the bag.

      Feel better?! 😉

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