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On flesh-eating fish.

Last week Kate, Jess and I went for a rather bizarre beauty treatment.

I’m sure you’ve heard of or seen the latest odd therapy to hit the high street, namely having the dead skin on your feet eaten by Garra rufa fish. The concept is pretty strange; believe me, the experience itself is much, much stranger.

Back in November a girl from church visited a spa and told me all about it. I mentioned it to Kate and Jess, and we decided that it would make a fun outing. And it only took us until the very last day of Newcastle’s term to go.

It was a lot of fun; extremely weird, but fun.

Jessica's feet, and some fish.

It caused me to squeal and shudder and clutch Jess’s hand in a way that was probably quite painful, but she didn’t complain (bless her heart) and I got used to it eventually.

The thing is, mostly it does just feel like bubbles, until you look down and remember that the ‘bubbles’ are alive and eating your skin.


And in other news, today I had a landmark Newcastle experience and first Geordie-celebrity sighting, when I caught sight of one half of the famous Ant and/or Dec double-act.

I spotted Ant McPartlin. In the Marks & Spencer’s lingerie department.

I feel that that context for the sighting makes that story win just a little bit more.


In summary: the odd delights of Newcastle-upon-Tyne in June.

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7 thoughts on “On flesh-eating fish.

  1. Ew I saw they had that at the thai restaurant at Monte. Just the idea freaked me out. I can imagine you squealing.

    Miss you.

  2. Ugh, I saw it to recently and NOTHING would convince me to try it! Fish eating my feet?! Euw! I’m quite impressed that you managed to keep your feet in there!

  3. I love the fish! Although I was a little freaked the first time. Your youngest niece is obsessed by the fish. Sharon, who owns Star Beauty in Keswick, asked her if she wanted to take a bath with them! I had to grab her to stop her jumping in fully clothed! For some reason Sharon assumed that Lola would say no!!!

  4. I can’t even look at the fish. You are very brave! My question is – What happens if they start to eat too much flesh?? You come out with no feet!!!!

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