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On becoming great.

So, as you know, I went on a trip. A secret and mysterious trip that I’m not going to tell you about.

Or at least, I’m not going to tell you very much about it. Partly because discretion is the name of the game here; and partly because I quite like the fact that all of this mystery makes me feel a little like a character in Spooks (except without all of the shooting and bombs and murder-by-deep-fat-fryer that goes on there). However, I will post a couple of photos in posts that appear over the next month or so, and I will curtail some of the mysterious secret-keeping to talk about a couple of things that are related to the trip.

Still, in an effort not to have anyone ‘connect the internet dots’, I won’t be actually writing particular words, or phrases, just alluding to them in a really obvious, (but not traceable by search engine) kind of way.

Hopefully, that all made sense. If not – don’t worry, just chalk it up to my usual rambling blogging style and carry on reading.


Whilst on the trip, we did a bit of sightseeing, and happened to visit a wall, a wall that is pretty great. The rumour is that once men have made this particular trip they are considered ‘great’, but this doesn’t extend to women. I am, naturally, unwilling to accept this little bit of tourism-related sexism, so I’m claiming greatness for myself. As of now.

In summary: great.

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