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On new skills.

Something a little strange has happened to me since I became I started working for UCCF.

I’ve become strangely obsessed with baking.

It’s not that I didn’t enjoy baking in my previous life, I did, very much so; as long as I only had to eat it. Actually doing the baking itself was not in my repertoire.

And yet, since starting this job a year ago I’ve embraced cake making in a big way.

I imagine that some of my older friends probably find the fact that I’ve become domesticated a little difficult to believe. If that’s you then don’t worry – I find it a touch hard to believe myself.

But there is something about making stuff that other people enjoy or are impressed by that gives me a really large amount of joy, and it turns out that I’m actually not all that bad at it. Which is nice.

The reason for baking today is the same as it has been most of the times it’s happened this year: team days. A combination of laziness and a desire to not weigh 20 stone means that I won’t bake just for me, so there really have to be people to share it with. The good news is that every 6 weeks or so the staff and Relay workers of the north east meet together for a couple of days to do various fun work-related things. We do some study stuff, pray together, drink a lot of coffee, and eat lots of delicious food, including many sweet things. The battle cry that goes around to all the team in the days before is: ‘Bring cake’, which gives me a really good reason to do some baking every 6 weeks or so.

Team days this week are on Thursday and Friday, back in Donny, City of Dreams, but due to a jam-packed busy day tomorrow I made a head start this evening, whipping up some Red Velvet cupcakes and Butterfly Cakes (both for the first time).

Expect the obligatory photograph of every stage tomorrow, once I’ve iced them.

In summary: a pre-baking gallery post.


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