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On the promised pictures

I have had a busy, busy day.

Meeting a chaplain. First ever Relay supervision where I am the supervisor rather than the supervised, which included reading through the whole of the gospel of Luke, out loud, in one go (it took us exactly 2 hours). Home to change and bake another batch of cupcakes. Visiting a flat which, Lord willing, will be my new home very soon. The inaugural annual Christ Church dinner, where we ate lovely food and heard some of the plans for the future. A quick walk home. Making three batches of icing, with which to decorate my baking. Decorating the baking. And a quick wee chat with the sweet wee sis.

But all of that’s done, with 22 minutes still left to blog in. So, some photos. As promised:

In summary: ready for bed.

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3 thoughts on “On the promised pictures

  1. Now that I have picked myself up off the floor with the surprise that you like to bake now (!!!) I can say: wow! these pictures look really professional and I am looking forward to sampling the end product sometime 🙂

    • ellidhcook on said:

      It’s mad isn’t it? We must put a you, me and Fi weekend in the diary and then I can astound you both with my new-found skills!x

      • fionalynne on said:

        YES!!!! I so second this.
        And can I just say, I am so proud. 🙂
        Although I think I might be a little over friendly with the red colouring bottle because my red velvet cupcakes tend to be much more fluorescent red than yours!

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