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On Team Awesome.

For the last two days I have been in sunny Doncaster, enjoying wonderful fun with UCCF North East team.

I always think our team name is a little odd (since some of our region is a bit less north-ish and east-y, and a bit more south-ish and middle-y) so I’m thinking a suggesting a name-change to something that describes us a wee bit more accurately, perhaps Team Awesome.

What do you reckon?

Whilst bonding with the other Awesomes (including our 9 lovely new Relay workers), we ate some lovely cake – many of the Awesome’s responded marvellously to the battle-cry and did a lot of baking – which was lovely; we had some wonderful teaching on Luke’s Gospel from Arnold Bell, which was wonderful; we spent time praying for all of the CUs in the Team Awesome patch, which was really exciting; and we played a hilarious bonding game, based on ‘The Apprentice’.

We split into teams and had to complete 5 tasks:

1. Buy the following items for as little as possible: a tin of chopped tomatoes, a courgette, a cheesecake for 4 people, 6 felt tip pens and an item with ‘Doncaster’ printed on it.

2. Dress up a member of your team as a Bible character of your choice, spending no more than £5.

3. Write a poem about Doncaster, points given for use of local knowledge.

4. Buy as many different items for £1 (only 5 can be edible)

5. Come up with a strapline for your team.


The most hilarious round was task 2: we ended up with 2 Goliaths (one was Paul on Mike A’s shoulder, the other was Hamish, alone, naturally); Joseph, with stars bowing down, a sold sign stuck on his chest and dressed in his amazing, technicoloured coat (which I felt showed a confusion over the order of events in the narrative); and my team’s entry, which found Simon dressing up as one of the She-bears from 2 Kings 2.

Sadly we didn’t win. In fact, we came rather last. But, we comfort ourselves with the fact that the last shall be first and we were probably being discriminated against and other stuff like that.

Some photos of a few of the cakes, and the very awesome entries to task no.2:

In summary: Team Awesome. Awesome.

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3 thoughts on “On Team Awesome.

  1. Not sure Sheffield is remotely South… though I’d annex my home city into the South West if I could – not least to have easier access to Arnold Bell.

    • ellidhcook on said:

      Perhaps this is one of those ‘it’s all relative’ situations, but generally if I have to travel 200 miles in a southerly direction, I’m going to classify the destination as ‘south’!

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