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On a lovely Moment

One of my absolutely most favourite parts of my job is meeting up with people one to one, so today, made up of 4 & 1/2 hours worth of one-to-one awesomeness was pretty lovely.

The thing about one to ones that makes them a little more wonderful, is the fact that they usually involve drinking lots of coffee, which means that I’m pretty clued up on where’s the best place to get good coffee and have a nice chat.

Today a new cafe has opened in Newcastle, and I’m certain it’s going into my top five places to go. It’s a new venture from the marvellous (and local) Greggs: a rather swish coffee house called Greggs Moment. I think the idea is to start off with this one cafe, and then presumably if it works, they’ll open more around the UK, and let me tell you, if today’s anything to go by, I’d praying for the nationwide sweep to happen soon.

It’s cheaper than the average chain, the coffee’s v. good (and they do a great Flat White – win), the food is gorgeous, the staff were incredibly helpful and friendly, and the cafe itself is absolutely delightful: black and white photos of the Toon, old fashioned coffee pots and tea cups, retro flying ducks and chintzy wallpaper, patriotic and comfy chairs, good (but unobtrusive) background music, and some awesome lampshades that look like bowler hats.

Perhaps they were going for a cool Starbucks vibe, but they’ve managed to entirely surpass them.

Well done Greggs. I’ll definitely be back.

In summary: a definite fan (with another good reason to be glad I live in Newcastle).

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3 thoughts on “On a lovely Moment

  1. Hi Ellidh,
    Wow! Thanks for blogging about the new Greggs moment – so glad you liked it. And we’re glad that the bowler hat lamps and not just the coffee and cake went down well. Hope to see you again very soon! Greggs.

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