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Yesterday evening I was in Durham at CREATE. – an event to encourage Durham CU folk to think creatively about evangelism.

Danni – a second year theologian, was hosting the evening, and she described the target audience thusly:

Who? Everyone! Creativity doesn’t just mean arty people (although it does include them!), it includes musicians, artists, actors, engineers, scientists, book lovers, film watches, bakers, socialites, graphic designers, internet lovers, photographers, dancers, sportsmen, creative writers, coffee drinkers… The list is endless!

It was a lot of fun.

Hamish gave a talk that was a sort of biblical overview of creativity and how it fits in the story, as well as part that it plays in the way that we do evangelism, and then Danni gave an introduction to the creative vision of the CU and some ideas of how people might get involved, before we split off into groups for some specific-interest seminars.

There were six groups and, to be honest, I’d have loved to go to all of them: art, poetry and literature; music; film; technology and ‘the Socialite’ – which I believe was about hospitality and friendship and drinking coffee, and may or may not have involved decorating cakes.

Because I can’t be in 6 places at once, I had to choose just one of the seminars to attend and I picked ‘technology’ with Chris Morgan. We were looking at Twitter and Facebook and blogs and You Tube and other internet-y things, and having some good chat about how we can use them in CU –  to create a public profile, to develop the CU community and to reach out with the gospel.

Chris showed us this really interesting video, looking at some social networking facts and figures to demonstrate the important role it plays in the consciousness of most people, but especially 18-21 year olds:

Evidently the video is based on Socialnomics by Erik Qualman, and contains this quote from him:

“We don’t have a choice on whether we do social media, the question is how well we do it.”

Something that we discussed last night was the fact that despite the fact that the internet is basically the first port of call for all information for most people in our society, the church often lags behind in using technology to communicate with people. Why?

I do go to the internet for information on most things, and if there is no website, or the website is rubbish, or the website is out of date I lose immediate confidence in the ‘product’ – whatever it is.

According to the video above, even email is becoming obsolete as a form of communication.

So what are the implications of that for church and CU? And how can we use technology to reach out.

We’re told to take the gospel to the world – the world is on the internet, so how are we going to to take the gospel there?

I’m going to try for another month of blogging this November, and this seemed like a good way to begin it.

Would be great to hear your thoughts.

In summary: getting creative with t’interweb.

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