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On Sunday links.

I’ve decided that one way to help me to do a better job of this daily blogging malarky will be to institute some day-specific themes (or maybe that should be theme-specific days? I don’t know).

I’ve been inspired by Cat (again! But unsurprising, because she’s a pretty inspiring wee hen) who posts collections of interesting stuff she’s been reading (today she actually mentioned moi – so sweet.) and I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon, so from henceforth, Sunday will be the day of a list of links of interesting websites I have been visiting recently and am therefore recommending.

It seems like there should be a better name than ‘Sunday links’ but I can’t really think of one. Suggestions in the comment box – the winning entry will receive a extra-special, very awesome (and at this moment unknown) prize.

Recently I have been visiting:

Flannery O’Kafka – this family are the epitome of cool, and have had a pretty awesome week, check out ‘Edward found us’ and ‘Published at 12’ to see why.

Chris Morgan blogging about his seminar on social networks and stuff that I talked about in my post on Tuesday.

David Mitchell’s column from today’s Guardian. I read it on the Metro this afternoon and laughed out loud – which caused people to stare at me, but I’m cool with that.

This photo blog has had me as visitor quite a lot recently. It calls itself Newcastle Upon Tyne and Northumberland Daily Photo (catchy), and although it hasn’t exactly been daily recently if you have some time on your hands I’d recommend a trawl through the archives. Good photos of the awesome land where I reside.

And that’ll do for now.

I’m away for some team day joy tomorrow, but am attempting a scheduled blog post to see if I can remain with the daily posting pact. Pray for me.

In summary: searching for a cool title, possibly involving alliteration.



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One thought on “On Sunday links.

  1. Superb Sundays
    Marvellous Mondays
    Terrific Tuesdays
    Wonderful Wednesdays
    Tops Thursdays
    Fantastic Fridays
    Stupendous Saturdays

    If I win can I have some of those cupcakes please? I’m starving!

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