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On soup and supervision.

Wednesdays this year hold a new and delightful activity for me: supervising Relay workers.

And it really is a delight.

I have two Relay workers this year. Jess and Andy, and I really love spending Wednesdays with them.

I meet with Andy first, (and he is always particularly gracious about my inability to be coherent before my first coffee has kicked in) then Jess arrives and we have lovely chats, and study Luke and share prayer requests with one another, and then I spend the afternoons with Jess on her own.

Today, in the midst of my time with Jess we had a chat about my blog and she mentioned that she doesn’t visit it very often because she’s scared that she’ll see a photo of herself on here. Now, it is true that that has been a possibility in the past, but actually I haven’t shown pictures of her in a while so she was quite safe.

Only, naturally, once she’d mentioned that I decided that, today’s post would have to be about her, and feature a photo of her too (although as you’ll see below, she wasn’t exactly cooperating with that plan).

We ended up having supervision in the M&S Kitchen cafe, over some lovely butternut squash soup (and butternut squash is probably the best vegetable to make soup from so, you know, win), good bread, and Diet Coke served in v. cool glasses.

Delightful, delightful, delightful.

In summary: a short but Jessica-centric blog.

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