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On Olympics and Evangelism

Newcastle CU houseparty was wonderful – despite the fact that I was suffering the effects of a horrible cold.

This year they designed the weekend to be a proper launchpad for the mission week that’s coming up in February, and so the focus was on evangelism.

Roger Simpson, who is one of the events week speakers came and gave four talks on mission, looking at Moses, Jesus, Paul and Timothy. MJ Axelson (Roger’s daughter, and my lovely friend and colleague) came too, and added some wise thoughts on application in most of Roger’s talks.

We had some evangelism-themed seminars: ‘Doing a seeker Bible study’ with Andy and Jess, ‘Engaging with course mates’ with Dr Rachel Hubbard, ‘Engaging with other religions’ with Mark Summers, ‘Apologetics’ with MJ and ‘Hosting an evangelistic dinner party’ with Roger, and everyone I spoke to was both inspired and excited by what they’d heard at them.

I ran a bookstall – ‘Life-changing books at low, low prices’ – courtesy of IVP, and was encouraged by the fact that very little was left over by the end, and I got to spend good time getting to know some first years, getting to know some second years better, and generally getting excited about what the rest of the academic year has to bring.

But, actually, most exciting of all was this morning when, challenged by Roger’s encouragement to devote themselves to prayer for their friends, nearly 50 people turned up to the 8 o’clock prayer meeting.

Particularly amused by this text message that I received on my way to the meeting:

In summary: excited to see the CU praying.


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