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On getting back to it

November didn’t end well, did it?

26 days of daily blogging, and then I disappeared for 19 days.

You know things are bad when not one, not two, but three people get in touch to ask if you’re still alive, because there’s no daily post.

Allow me to reassure you that I am, in fact, still living.

In truth my failure to end November in the way I began it is due to nothing exciting or dramatic, rather I was just really tired, and thinking of stuff to blog about was one step more than I was capable of.

Still, back now, and with plenty to catch y’all up on.

Beginning with the photos promised back at the beginning of last month, namely Simon’s completed Movember look.

I took a lot of pictures – it turns out that my dear brother is somewhat picky about what he considers to be a satisfactory degree of lighting to best showcase his facial hair – but here is a smattering of those we took, with a good representation of the various stages of ‘tache as he shaved it off:

He ended up going above and beyond the Movember call: keeping his moustache until December 2nd and the Northern Biblical Evangelism Conference, when I could take another photo. We arrived at the conference centre at about 6:10pm, I took the first photo at 6:17pm, and by 6:25pm it was all gone.

Evidently, he was pretty keen to lose his facial hair.

Even, if it did make him look like a WWII RAF pilot.

In summary: thankful for the end of both November and Movember.


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2 thoughts on “On getting back to it

  1. fiona lynne on said:

    I’m so glad you’re not dead. Mwah!

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