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On brownies and pies.

Team days tomorrow and Friday, so here comes the obligatory team-day-eve-baking post.

Thanks to lovely Ma and lovely Hannah I have recently acquired two new recipe books:Mini Pies’ by Sara Lewis, and ‘How to Be a Domestic Goddess: Baking and the Art of Comfort Cooking’ by Nigella Lawson, so I decided to try two new recipes for my first team baking of 2012.

I made Nigella’s Brownies, and the ‘S’more Pies’ from the Pies book (natch.).

With about 90% success.

The Brownies look (and taste) pretty awesome, although I really wish I didn’t know just quite how much chocolate, sugar and butter is in them, because now that I do know I’m going to rather struggle to justify eating them.

The S’more Pies were a little less successful. I reckon they’ll taste pretty good, but they don’t look wonderful.

The pie has a peanut-buttery-biscuit base, a chocolate, sugar and double cream filling and is topped with lightly toasted marshmallows.


The problem came with the ‘lightly toasting’ section of the recipe, because rather than toasting they just sort of, melted into goop.

I think this is probably due to the fact that I couldn’t find mini-marshmallows at any shop in central Newcastle, so I had to resort to cutting big marshmallows into wee pieces. Apparently not an acceptable substitute.

They went from looking like this to this:

Sad. But I reckon they’re going to taste beautiful.

In summary: goopy.

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One thought on “On brownies and pies.

  1. So apart from the whole peanut thing, the smores pies look great! Since when is peanut butter involved in making smores I ask you?!
    Also – how hot was your grill? I’m thinking they may have melted from the warmth rather than toasting under a high heat…? Just a guess.

    Are you baking for us next weekend with your new found skills? (NEXT WEEKEND!!)

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