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On Feminine Fridays: Chocolate

I’ve had a few conversations about my blog over the last two days of hanging out with lovely Team Awesome, mostly concerning this new institution of ‘Feminine Fridays’, and asking a couple of key questions:

The first question inquired as to whether FF will always be ‘serious’ or ‘worthy’.


Welcome to ‘Surrounded by Clouds’, which occasional strays into a serious or worthy direction, but doesn’t tend to stay there long before veering back in the direction of discussion knitting or cake or some kind of caffeinated beverage.

Whilst the second question regarded the purpose of FF. Is it about feminine things? Or for feminine people?

The former.

You see, I often find myself in rather male-dominated arenas and I feel the need to represent my gender and help my brothers to understand us.

So FF is not just for girls. I promise.

If you’re a gentleman, please do keep reading.

This week I’m talking about chocolate, a choice inspired by a conversation that was had over a coffee-break yesterday. Allow me to set the scene:

Peter (our glorious leader) had bought a cake to share with the team. It was called a ‘Tunis Cake’, and consisted of madeira cake,  marzipan decorations and chocolate topping.

Or did it?

Upon closer inspection it turned out that the topping was actually ‘chocolate-flavoured’.

And this was the moment that inspired today’s post, because suddenly it became apparent that men consider ‘chocolate’ and ‘chocolate-flavoured’ to be one and the same thing. The men don’t seem that fussed about chocolate – they like it, but they’re not that bothered. Whereas I think it’s fair to say that I have quite a different relationship with the aforementioned food.

It’s not that I’m addicted per se. It’s just that sometimes I really need chocolate to get me through the day.

Chocolate brings me joy, and I don’t think I’m the only one who feels that way.

Am I?

I seems to me, based on the various conversations I’ve had about this in the past, that most women feel differently about chocolate than men do, but why? Is there something hormonal going on that means that chocolate affects us differently? Or is it just a (convenient) cultural habit?

Enquiring minds want to know.

What do you reckon?

Are you a man who loves chocolate? Or a woman who doesn’t? Or a scientist with some knowledge to explain it all (or at the very least, justify my habit)?

In summary: not addicted. Much.

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3 thoughts on “On Feminine Fridays: Chocolate

  1. Parental unit (male) on said:

    Your closest male relative would certainly draw a clear distinction between chocolate and c. flavouring. Likewise between coffee and “Oh, sorry, we’ve only got instant. Is that OK.” No, it isn’t!! (Said with feeling as am currently in the Euston branch of Lenny Henry’s favourite budget hotel chain, where the default beverage is freeze-dried, granulated, why-did-I-bother-putting-the-kettle-on ‘coffee flavouring’) .
    Coffee is coffee,
    Chocolate is chocolate.
    Hersheys, by the way, is NOT chocolate either.

  2. I do like chocolate and definitely it has to be the right kind (dark, not milk, fairtrade, Belgian chocolate is the height of good chocolate in my opinion).
    But I am not crazy about chocolate. If I’m baking, it is more likely to be flavoured with figs, lemon, ginger, than with chocolate. And I don’t crave it. But having said that, I have noticed that I seem to be the odd one out amongst my female friends. My sister has a chocolate stash for emergencies both at home and work. I find it kinda baffling…

  3. John is probably more of a chocolate fan than me, (apart from certain times of the month granted). he’s also an ice cream fiend whereas I can take it or leave it – prefer sorbet 🙂

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